How Do I Give Speeches in MUN?

There are a few ways of making sure your MUN speeches are as strong as possible:

  • OUTLINE YOUR POINTS. Structure your speech into a few main points, and repeat these key points at your conclusion if you have time.
  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Who are you talking to? What are the general sentiments in the committee? Which way is debate flowing? For example, if the audience responds well to lighthearted and comedic speeches, try going with that.
  • BE MINDFUL OF TIMING. Speeches in committee are brief - typically around 30 - 90 seconds. By being concise, you'll make the most of your time and hold your audience's attention. A suggested way to divide your speech:
    • 5-10 secs for an introduction
    • 20-40 secs for your content
    • 5-10 secs for your conclusion
  • Let your passion and interest in the topic show. If you can explain why you - and others - should care about the topic, you'll be more effective at getting fellow delegates to listen to and support your ideas.
  • Give credit and be a good team player. No one can write and pass a resolution by themselves - be sure to give credit to others' ideas when referring to them in your speeches.