How and Why Do I Propose an Unmod?

Unmoderated caucuses give you time to discuss ideas in smaller groups:

  • MEET DELEGATES. Walk around and hear the full spectrum of ideas in the room. Meet other delegates, hear their ideas, and share yours.
  • FORM BLOCS. Blocs are groups of delegates who work together to write a draft resolution. Throughout the conference, you may switch or merge blocs as ideas are fleshed out.
  • GAIN SUPPORT FOR YOUR RESOLUTION. You can use unmods to write draft resolutions with your bloc and chat with those outside your bloc to hear their thoughts on your plan. You need a certain number of signatories from other delegates to submit a resolution, and their feedback will make you think critically about your ideas.

Let's start with an example and then break it into pieces to explain how to propose an unmod: Delegate raises their placard and says "Motion for a 10- minute unmoderated caucus." Then, you'll vote on the motion as a committee. If a majority of people raise their placards in favor, you'll enter an unmod.