How Do I Propose a Mod?

Let's start with an example and then break it into pieces to explain how to propose a mod: Delegate raises their placard and says "Motion for a 9 minute moderated caucus, with a 45 second speaking time, on the topic of the duration of government patents."

  • Length of Mod Caucus: How long the discussion will go for - 9 mins in this example. If the time is not enough, you can propose a "Motion to extend the current moderated caucus by x mins".
  • Speaking Time: How much time each delegate has to speak - 45 secs here. The length of the mod should be divisible by the speaking time. A 10 min mod with 45 sec speaking time would not divide evenly, but a 5 min mod with 1 min speaking time would give exactly 5 speakers.
  • Caucus Topic: Choose whichever topic you feel is most important for the committee to discuss at the moment. Make sure that the topic is not too broad or too narrow. Here, the topic is the duration of government patents.

Some other things to consider about moderated caucuses:

  • If you motioned for the moderated caucus which passed, you get the choice of either speaking first or last in the caucus.
  • If you would like to make a speech, simply raise your placard when the Chair asks for which delegates are wishing to speak.
  • Say the speaking time is 1 minute per speaker and you finish your speech before your time has elapsed. At the end of your speech, you can say that you "Yield my remaining time to the Chair."