What is a Moderated Caucus?

"Mods" are timed, formal sessions of debate that focus on solving a small piece of the larger issue. Use mods early on in the conference to flesh out and debate different ideas.
Ex. You could hold a moderated caucus on the smaller subtopics of the duration or logistics. Delegates from different countries will present their views on the issue and help you identify potential allies - countries with a similar stance as yours.

In Model UN, we discuss topics with the aim of solving issues. Moderated caucuses give us a structured way of discussing solutions to the issue at hand:

  • FOCUSED TOPIC. The topic for the moderated caucus is narrow and focused, making conversation more productive.
  • TIME LIMITS. Each person is given a specific amount of time to speak, and the discussion has a set time limit.
  • POTENTIAL TO EXTEND DISCUSSION. You can motion to extend the moderated caucus if you think more discussion should occur on the topic.