What Do I Say During Mods?

There are four main points to help you give your speech during a Moderated Caucus:

  1. Mods are a conversation. Think about mod caucuses as an ongoing conversation between the delegates of the committee, just with a bit more formality than your typical conversation.
  2. Connect your points to what others have said. Acknowledge points made by other delegates, and remember to be polite and respectful, even if you disagree with someone else's point.
  3. Stay on topic. It's sometimes easy to get sidetracked, so keep sight of the larger picture. Is your point related to the topic of the moderated caucus?
  4. Back your points with data. Showing off your research or any related data you’ve found are great ways to ground the points you’re making.

What you say in your speeches should also depending on when in Conference you are:

  • At the beginning of conference, you should give context.
    • Context on the issue.
    • Context on your country's position
    • Potential solutions for the issue.
  • During the middle of conference, you should provide details.
    • Summarize what your resolution is about in a few main points.
    • Explore whether the solutions being proposed are feasible.
  • At the end of conference, you should gain support.
    • Advocate for the resolution you think will be most effective.
    • Explain how other delegates/countries will benefit.