FAQ’s about Unmods and Mods

Here are a few FAQ’s about speaking during Moderated Caucuses:

  • How should I structure my speech in a moderated caucus? There's no one right way, but it is important that your speech flows well and your points are clear. These speeches are quite short - 45 - 90 sec typically - so be concise. We suggest that you organize your speech by structuring your thoughts into a few key points. If you have extra time at the end of your speech, you can briefly recap your points.
  • What should I talk about in my speech? In the beginning of the conference, you can explain your country's stance on the issue and introduce your plan - this is also when you'll hear other delegates' ideas to see who are potential allies. As the conference progresses, your speeches will get more specific, discussing pros and cons of different solutions and persuading the other delegates that your bloc's plan is the one they should support.
  • Can you speak multiple times in mod? You can, but it's good to listen to the ideas of other delegates and make sure everyone has a chance to speak. Your Chair will likely encourage those who have not yet spoken in the moderated caucus to give a speech before allowing delegates to speak another time.

Here are a few FAQ’s about working during Unmoderated Caucuses:

  • How long of an unmoderated caucus should I propose? Early in the conference, your Chair will look more favorably on more motions for mods and fewer motions for unmods; this will allow you to hear everyone's ideas and see how they compare to your country's stance. For this reason, shorter unmods - around 5-10 minutes are preferable if the conference is in its initial stages. However, as you begin writing working papers and move onto draft resolutions, you can motion for longer unmods of ~20 minutes.
  • How can I start forming a bloc during an unmod? During your initial mods, pay close attention and take note of delegates whose ideas align with yours. You can send them a note on a sheet of paper to tell them that you like their ideas and would love to hear more of their thoughts during an unmod. Once you enter an unmod, see if you're on the same page, and if so, you can start fleshing out initial ideas for a working paper. Building a bloc requires you to actively listen as a delegate, brainstorm, and exchange ideas with others.