Traditional Committees Training

The majority of delegates at MUNUC will be in what we call Traditional Committees. Traditional Committees make up the General Assembly, ECOSOC, and parts of Regional Bodies and Specialized Agencies. They vary in size, ranging from over 300 delegates to anywhere around 50 delegates. Traditional Committees will push you to work with your fellow delegates in a collaborative environment to construct a comprehensive document that addresses the problems posed by your committee topic. These trainings will take you through the various facets of Traditional Committees and give you the skills necessary to be successful.

1. Public Speaking

1. Hook-Point-Action and PAINT
2. Presentation of Debate
3. Substance of Debate

2. Author’s Panel and QnA

1. Intro to Author’s Panel and QnA
2. Who Should Present
3. Author’s Panel Tips and Tricks
4. QnA: Logistics
5. QnA: Tips and Tricks
6. When You’re Not Presenting

3. Draft Resolution Writing

1. Draft Resolution Writing
2. Draft Resolution Vocabulary