Presentation of Debate


Make eye contact, and hold any notes you are reading out of sight, only glancing at them to recall key phrases or numbers

Your hands should not be a distraction-- if you feel yourself using them a lot try clasping them in front of you

You should not be moving around that much while giving a speech, but if you feel the need to move try stepping around in a triangle formation, only stepping with each new point you are making


1. Speak loudly and annunciate
2. Pace your speech
3. Learn to pause
4. Take a breath between each comma or period
5. Pause instead of using a filler word
6. Get comfortable with silence

1. Don’t be monotone
2. High pitch when speaking quickly with details
3. Low pitch when emphasizing key point at end of sentence
4. Alternate between high and low pitches with each phrase
5. Speak passionately