Specialized Committees Trainings

Specialized committees are “specialized” in their topic areas. Here, delegates will dive deep into the theme of their committee (e.g., WTO and trade, the Department of Transportation and transportation) and greatly enhance their understanding of related issues. The Specialized Agencies USG-group as a whole encompasses a variety of committees, topics, sizes (from ~30 delegates to as many as 80), and formats. In particular, Specialized committees can have traditional structure, crisis, other mechanics (such as Mock Trial or election), or any combination of the aforementioned. These training materials will introduce you to some of the most common mechanics of Specialized committees, and help you prepare for other, more innovative ones! Meanwhile, check out the training materials for Traditional, Hybrid, and Crisis committees as well. A lot of these may be helpful depending on the specific committee that you are assigned to.

1. Delegations

1. Forms of Delegation
2. Single Representing Character
3. Double Representing Country

2. Intro to Historical Committees

1. Basics of Historical Committees
2. General Principles
3. How to Prepare

3. Specialized Mechanics

1. Intro to Unknown Mechanics
2. How to Prepare
3. Secret Agenda Example