Secret Agenda Example

Secret agendas are special, secret tasks that delegates need to undertake during the course of the conference. Usually, delegates won't know what their agendas are until the
first session, or in the middle of the conference. These agendas are, in most cases, highly relevant to the committee topic and are expected to drive the debate forward and add more flavor to it.

How it works

In GA-style committees, after receiving your secret agenda, you should bring up relevant topics during caucuses (mods and unmods), and try to achieve your country's goal(s). The goal could be adding/deleting specific clauses in the resolution, or settling a deal with another delegate, which will be explained in your secret agenda. Yet, you shouldn't say explicitly "I want to talk about xxx because that is my secret agenda." Secret agendas are meant to keep the motives secretive to all, or to keep some countries in the dark. Think about how you may achieve your policy goal without appearing suspicious to your political opponents.


Although the secret agenda is supposed to "surprise" you, it is usually predictable and can be prepared for at least to some extent, but only if you do your research very thoroughly. For example, if you are in a historical committee, pay special attention to major actions, events, or disputes which your country/character was involved in. If you've identified information like this, and it's not mentioned explicitly in the background guide, then it's possible that that would be your secret agenda.

Be flexible

Although you may be able to prepare for your secret agenda to some extent, it's always important to remain flexible and be able adjust your plan based on whatever new information you receive during conference.

Other than the addition of information, everything else is the same as in a completely traditional committee! It is true that you will be reading, negotiating, and brainstorming about unprepared" issues. However, the skills of research, critical thinking, debating, and collaboration apply exactly in the same way.

Congratulations! You finished the Specialized Committees module.