Double Representing Country

Having one more person is complicated
While it seems like double delegation is just having two people do what one person would do in a single-del committee, it's actually far more complicated than that. Additional skills are necessary for a successful double delegation.

Know and trust your partner
The most important thing for double delegation is that you know each other! Talk to each other beforehand. Know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Prepare and research topics together. Trust your co-delegate and let your co-delegate trust you.

Communication is key
Although there are two of you and you may have different opinions, you represent the same country and MUST ALWAYS be on the same page. This is why communication is critical.

Before conference, communicate with your partner and agree on a position. Set a few baselines for negotiation if possible.

During conference, update each other whenever there is new information or one person has a new idea.

Divide and conquer
Usually, it is better to split up the work and have one person taking the lead on one task (speaking, writing, negotiating, blocking). When assigning specific responsibilities, make sure you play to each other's strengths. Yet, this doesn't mean that one person should do all the speaking and the other should only write. Both of you should participate and feel comfortable participating in all activities, but one of you should "take the lead."

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