Hook-Point-Action and PAINT

Divide a topic into issues and solutions which can be “packaged” and “branded” into a phrase, acronym, image, number, etc., making solutions easier to remember.
The basic public speaking structure is Hook-Point-Action (HPA):
Hook: Grab audience attention
Point: The 1 thing that you’re trying to say (PAINT)
Action: Tell people what you want them to do

To get your audience’s attention, try PAINTing your point. Giving them something like a number or an acronym remember will help other delegates remember what you were saying in your speech and will immediately tie you with that policy. You want to be known as “the delegate with that ABC plan”, for example.

Phrase or Place
Time or year

Then, follow these steps:
1. An issue is a specific problem within a broader topic
2. Select a specific issue or solution to focus on (don’t necessarily try to solve every issue--be strategic)
3. For each issue, develop solutions