When You're Not Presenting

You might be wondering what the rest of committee should be doing while the small group of delegates presents each resolution. During the reading period, be sure to take notes on, highlight, and mark up the resolution. Start to think about what questions you might want to ask. Then, listen carefully during the presentation; you might get clarification on a question, hear something you want to discuss further, or be convinced by the content of the resolution. Finally, in the Q&A portion, don't be afraid to ask questions! If you are in favor of the resolution and don't have any concerns, ask a question that will allow the panelists to elaborate on an area that is important to you, that you think was neglected in the presentation, or that might convince another delegate of the resolution's merit. If you are not already a signatory of the resolution, this is your chance to learn more. Ask difficult questions if something feels incomplete, and don't be afraid to suggest potential amendments. Consider the differences between all of the resolutions and plan topics for the committee to address in the subsequent debate.

Congratulations! You've finished the Author's Panel and QnA Module.