Draft Resolutions and Working Papers

The steps for introducing and debating a draft resolution or working paper are

  1. Motion to introduce Working Paper or Draft Resolution. Requires no vote.
  2. Chair will suspend the rules. Requires no vote.
  3. Reading session where Working Paper or Draft Resolution is distributed, and delegates either read silently or present the paper.
  4. Q&A period between 3-5 signatories and the other delegates.
  5. Return to debate as normal.

In order to later amend a draft resolution or working paper, the steps are slightly different:

  1. Motion to introduce the amendment.
  2. Debate occurs by Chair's discretion.
  3. Motion to close debate on amendment.
  4. Two speakers against closing debate.
  5. Vote to close debate (2/3 majority).
  6. Vote on amendment.