How Do I Do MUN?

As a delegate, to prepare for conference, you should:

  • RESEARCH YOUR COUNTRY'S STANCE. The goal of MUN is to collaborate with your fellow delegates to produce a resolution that helps solve the issue at hand, while staying true to your country's position. To prepare, spend time researching your country's stance on the topic.
  • TAILOR PREPARATION TO YOUR COMMITTEE TYPE. It's also important to tailor your preparation based on your specific committee type. Be sure to review the learning modules on our website. Each module contains a combination of videos, infographics, slide decks, worksheets, and other resources. Click below to complete the modules.

When you are in committee, you should always try to:

  • STRIKE A BALANCE. Express your own ideas and opinions during the conference, but try to ensure that other delegates' voices are also heard.
  • CONSIDER POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIPS. Research your country's relationship with other countries, identifying which countries have similar stances to the one you represent. This will help you develop a game plan for who you may want to partner with during conference.