Cabinet of Colombia, 1902

The Thousand Days’ War, or Guerra de los Mil Dias, was a short-lived, but unforgivably bloody series of battles fought between Colombia’s two main political groups: the Conservative and Liberal parties.. After years of being

National American Women Suffrage Association, 1890

The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was an organization formed in 1890 from two rival women’s suffrage organizations to advance the rights of American women and fight for their right to vote. The two

Russian Duma, 1917

Tsar Nicholas II, the head of the 304 year old Romanov dynasty, has abdicated his throne to his ill son, Alexei Nikolaevich. The Petrograd Soviet has declared itself as a rival base of power in

The British House of Commons, 1810

Britain, 1810: the last great hope of the old world order. Across the Channel, The War of the Fifth Coalition has ended in yet another French victory, giving them dominance over continental Europe. Across the

The United States Constitutional Convention

The United States Constitutional Convention will simulate the Convention in which the United States’ brightest citizens crafted their country’s blueprint for governance. Before the Convention, the United States had a weak and ineffective federal government