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Cabinet of Colombia, 1902 CCOL

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  • Topic A: Rebuilding the Republic of Colombia

TOPIC A Rebuilding the Republic of Colombia



  • Carolyn Castroblanco
  • James Seddon
Email Committee Chair

The Thousand Days’ War, or Guerra de los Mil Dias, was a short-lived, but unforgivably bloody series of battles fought between Colombia’s two main political groups: the Conservative and Liberal parties.. After years of being edged out of governmental matters through this model by the comparatively higher-class land-owners Conservative Party, the merchants and farmers of the Liberal Party were left with no backup plan when Colombia’s economy collapsed in 1899. As a result, violent revolutions against the government broke out across the country, only quelled after a meeting between the leaders of the two partisan groups. Beginning in 1902, the delegates’ first task upon entering committee would be to tie this frayed governmental structure together with a comprehensive declaration of peace. Included in this document would be the crucial establishment of a stable economy, governing body, and election process moving forward. The delegates will then experience firsthand how written policy translates into everyday life, as this peace treaty is put through a series of stressors including but not limited to: the fight over the Panama Canal, the class wars of the time, and threat from invasion from neighboring Latin American nations. Colombia needs strong leaders to make it through the early twentieth century relatively unscathed.