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Russian Duma, 1917 DUMA

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  • Heleena Assefa
  • Michael Wang
Email Committee Chair

Tsar Nicholas II, the head of the 304 year old Romanov dynasty, has abdicated his throne to his ill son, Alexei Nikolaevich. The Petrograd Soviet has declared itself as a rival base of power in its Order No. 1, which compels the obedience of all Russian workers and soldiers. Ill-equipped and inexperienced Russian soldiers continue to be slaughtered in the thousands fighting experienced German soldiers. Food shortages and rampant illnesses plague the Russian people. The nation is riven across class lines, with millions of peasants living in virtual serfdom while noblemen live in luxury. In its centuries-long history, Russia has never faced such a potentially cataclysmic crisis.

As a representative of the Provisional Government of Russia, you are tasked to navigate the crisis engulfing the Russian Empire and decide the future of the nation. By exploiting the rules of the government, deal-making between the various Russian political parties and the development of resources and support amongst the people, you will lead the nation towards the political and economic system of your choice.