Position Papers

All delegates are required to submit a position paper a week before conference starts. The format for traditional side position papers is fairly established and standard, but no such guidelines exist for crises so we have come up with our own expectations. We want the exercise of writing a position paper to help you be as prepared as possible for conference, it is for you more than anything else. There are two things we want to see in your position paper, first an extended bio, and second a plan for your backroom arc. For the extended bio you should write a couple paragraphs expanding on what is contained in the background guide. Use this to to detail your character's positions on relevant issues and plans for the frontroom. You can also expand on the connections and resources you intend to use in the backroom. As mentioned before you don't necessarily have to rely on research, instead use your creativity and common sense to infer this information from the bio. As long as you stay within the realm of plausibility you are free to interpret your character as you see fit. For the backroom plan what we want to see is a rough outline of your planned arc, if you haven't already, go read the guide to crisis arcs. This doesn’t have to be more than just bullet points but should include how you plan on building up resources, as well as your endgame, what you plan on doing with these resources. You don’t have to include lots of detail, and you aren’t required to stick to your plan once you are at conference. We just want to start you thinking about what you are going to do ahead of time. Your position paper should be around 1-2 pages double spaced.

Congratulations! You've finished the Crisis Research module. This completes the Crisis Committees trainings.