Non-Traditional Mechanics

Non-traditional mechanics fall outside the bounds of normal committee structure. Normal crisis committees will typically involve non-traditional mechanics once or twice during conference. This will often take the form of trials, elections, or breaks with special formats that advance the crisis plot. It will be made clear to delegates when non-traditional mechanics are being used and the normal procedural rules will be suspended. The new rules will usually be created by the crisis director and tailored to fit the specific situation. They will try and explain it as well as they can, but sometimes it can be confusing, so asking questions will make things much smoother.

The most common type of non-traditional mechanic is a trial. Trials are fairly unique in that they are primarily instigated by the delegates. If delegates obtain evidence that a member of committee has committed crimes in the backroom, they may motion to put them on trial, and if they are found guilty they could even be put in prison. Committees can also simulate elections in which delegates are asked to decide which of them will hold a certain open office. Some committees may specify that you may not vote for yourself, so you will need to persuade a plurality of the other delegates to support you (or whoever else you are advocating for).

Non-traditional mechanics are, first and foremost, designed to make the committee more interesting and to allow delegates to branch out from the traditional caucus structure. Non-traditional mechanics are also a chance for delegates to showcase their skills and think on their feet.
If something pops up that you’ve never seen before in committee, don’t stress! Chances are, other people in the room are also surprised. That’s the point of crisis. Always feel free to ask questions and be sure to keep participating, even if you aren’t completely sure what’s going to happen next. Even if crisis isn’t going your way, don’t give up. We love to see people experiment and try new things. The key is to just keep trying!