Bringing the Backroom to the Front

An important part of implementing a good backroom is understanding how to bring it to the frontroom and what to do once it gets there. Many execution phases result in crises that might be presented to the front room. If the end result of your note is something that you think could or should become a crisis break there are a couple steps you should take to make sure it happens. The first is to use as much detail as possible. Notes like this will receive more scrutiny than others and to result in a crisis break they have to be very high quality, this is a perfect place to break out the visual aids we discussed earlier. You should anticipate that the response might even ask you for more details before they are willing to break it. If you don’t know if your actions are worthy of a crisis break, ask yourself, would it make the national news? If the answer is yes, then you might have a break on your hand. If we refer back to the example crisis arc from earlier, the first two points of the execute section would be where you are aiming to create a crisis break. Depending on the details you include in your notes and the pacing of when you send them the break might be more focused on the electrical system failure or the subsequent protests.

If you do manage to get your backroom to break, now is your chance to take control in the front room. It is crucial that you capitalize on the situation you have created. As the only one with full knowledge of the situation you have an advantage over the other delegates. Use this advantage to steer frontroom debate in the manner that suits you best. If your arc requires further chaos, you may want to try and divide committee to ensure nothing happens. Another direction you may choose to go is to create a resolution to solve the problem in order to cast yourself as the savior, since you know the exact details of what happened you can also solve it better than anyone else. You should also take care in this situation, when your backroom breaks is the most likely time to be exposed. Other delegates might try to launch investigations into what happened, you should probably try and steer the committee away from this without exposing yourself.

Sometimes you might have chances to bring together the front and back room during other breaks. Some delegates will choose to work with other nations or powers as part of their arc. If these countries are then involved in some way in a break, you would want to steer committee to an outcome favorable to your allies in order to win their favor. You should always be on the lookout for this kind of opportunity in order to take advantage of it. It will also impress the execs on your committee if you are able to seamlessly bring the two together.

Congratulations! You've finished the Crisis Back Room Module.