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Cabinet of Afghanistan, 1963 SHAH

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  • Andre Altherr
  • Karina Holbrook
Email Committee Chair

Afghanistan in 1963 is a country filled with promise, looking forward to a rapidly growing middle class, an expanding economy, and the prospect of the creation of a full liberal democracy. Following the resignation of the domineering Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan, King Zahir Shah has invited in a new government that has begun work on a new constitution and modernization programs which many hope will push Afghanistan firmly into the ranks of liberal democracies. There are, however, numerous problems that still have to be surmounted, including ethnic differences, the resistance of tribal leaders to centralization, conservative opposition to social reforms, communist agitation, and the precarious position of being a neutral country in the midst of the Cold War. As a member of the King’s Cabinet, your job is to fine-tune a constitution and modernize the government and the economy, all while dealing with the aftereffects of these policies and dangerous crises from sources both foreign and domestic.