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  • Topic A: Anti-Narcotic Trafficking Operations
  • Topic B: HIV/AIDS

TOPIC A Anti-Narcotic Trafficking Operations




  • Camille Aguilar
Email Committee Chair

The African Union (AU) was established in 2002 and is the successor to the Organization of African Unity. It includes 55 member states that are all located in the African continent. It continues its predecessor’s mission of creating a free, united Africa that is in command of its own destiny.The secretariat, the African Union Commision, is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where the heads of state meet semi-annually to make the decisions at the Assembly of the African Union. Within the Assembly, several bodies have been established to orchestrate cooperation between member states for Africa’s different problems. As a surging power in the world stage, Africa still has issues, and they can best be solved through collaboration thus reinforcing the ideal of a united African continent.

Topic A, the creation of anti-drug trafficking legislation in order to rid the African continent of the trade’s insidious effects. North Africa is especially affected by this issue as it serves as a launchpad for Europe through the Mediterranean as well as for Asia. The Assembly of the African Union would be the perfect body to tackle this issue.

Topic B, renewed efforts to combat HIV and AIDS on the African continent. For years, the continent has been greatly afflicted by this illness with South and East Africa being the regions in the world with the largest proportion of adults suffering from it. As technology has continued to develop to test and treat HIV/AIDS, a concerted effort between the member states to fight the disease could positively impact the lives of millions of Africans.