The Palmyrene Queen: Empress Zenobia’s Rise to Power, 267 ZENOBIA

GROUP: Continuous Crisis



  • Ryanne Leonard (she/her)
  • Esther Kassel (she/her)
  • Andrew Bailey (he/him)
Email Committee Chair

Seventeen hundred years ago, Palmyra—the desert client-state of Rome—stood thriving culturally and economically, while the Roman Empire struggled to maintain political and economic stability on several fronts. From the chaos, an unlikely power broker emerged. Queen Zenobia, the former consort to the late King of Palmyra, declared herself regent after her husband’s assassination. Her plan? Assert Palmyra’s dominance over the Roman East and make the Roman Empire fall to its knees.

As the advisors of Queen Zenobia, you will undertake the weighty task of administrating a kingdom. They will manage the fraught relations between the Palmyrene Kingdom and the Roman Empire. Should the queen be embroiled in a war, her supporters will ensure her victory. Zenobia imagined her realm as a diverse, multi-religious, tolerant society, and it will be up to the delegates to ensure that her idea becomes reality. With the guidance of her loyal cabinet, the Palmyrene Queen will be sure to triumph against everything thrown against her.