Water you Wading For?: The West Indies Federation, 1958 WINDIES

GROUP: Hybrid



  • Steven Sotomayor-Arostegui (he/him)
  • Diego Estrada Adame (he/him)
  • Wilson Mach (he/him)
Email Committee Chair

In the wake of decolonization movements sweeping across the Caribbean region during the mid-20th century, the West Indies Federation emerged as a beacon of hope for unity and self-determination among its member states. Composed of diverse island nations and territories, the federation sought to foster cooperation in the face of colonial legacies and global power dynamics. However, internal disputes, economic disparities, and cultural differences amongst its member states threatens to derail this ideal. In addition, there are emerging voices amongst the populace casting doubt upon the legitimacy of the Federation, while foreign powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union are closely scrutinizing the fledgling nation’s actions.

As the West Indies Federation faces internal dissent and external threats, this committee must take decisive action to safeguard the federation’s interests. In the front room, collaborating with other delegates will be essential in countering threats to the federation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In the backroom, delegates are encouraged to creatively use available resources to advance their individual objectives. Throughout the committee sessions, crisis breaks will provide critical updates on unfolding events and potential threats to the federation’s stability. In this dynamic environment, delegates should remain vigilant and adaptable, seizing opportunities and mitigating threats to ensure the West Indies Federation’s stability and prosperity.

As the sun sets over turquoise seas, the fate of the Caribbean floats in the balance. Will the delegates successfully navigate political undercurrents and chart a path of delicate balance between progress and tradition? Or will they drown in the whirlpool of external forces and lose themselves in the tides of history? The time for action is now. Water you wading for?