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GROUP: Specialized Agencies

  • Topic A: Digital Finance
  • Topic B: Trade and Inclusive Growth

TOPIC A Digital Finance

TOPIC B Trade and Inclusive Growth



  • Kevin Gu (he/him)
  • Naxely Reyes (they/he/she)
  • Alex Zou (he/him)
Email Committee Chair

The World Bank is an international financial institution that works towards the reduction of poverty through the promotion of sustainable economic growth and development. It provides loans, grants, and technical assistance to developing countries to support a wide range of development projects, such as infrastructure, education, health, and agriculture. The World Bank also plays a crucial role in promoting international trade and investment, which are essential for economic growth and poverty reduction. This year, the thematic topic of the World Bank committee will focus on the ways in which digital finance and inclusive growth can be leveraged to promote economic development and reduce poverty.

Topic A: Digital Finance
The rapid advancement of digital technologies has transformed the financial landscape, creating new opportunities for financial inclusion and economic growth. Digital finance, which includes mobile banking, online payments, and digital currencies, has the potential to expand access to financial services for underserved populations, particularly in developing countries. However, the adoption of digital finance also poses challenges, such as the need for adequate regulation, consumer protection, and digital infrastructure. This topic will give delegates the opportunity to discuss how the World Bank can support the development of digital finance in developing countries, while ensuring that the benefits are shared equitably and the risks are adequately managed.

Topic B: Trade and Inclusive Growth
International trade is a key driver of economic growth and poverty reduction, but its benefits are not always shared equally. While trade has lifted millions out of poverty, it has also contributed to rising inequality within and between countries. This topic will focus on how the World Bank can promote trade and inclusive growth, ensuring that the benefits of trade are shared more widely and that vulnerable populations are not left behind. Delegates will discuss issues such as trade facilitation, regional integration, and the role of trade in promoting sustainable development. They will also consider how the World Bank can support developing countries in building their trade capacity and promoting export diversification, while ensuring that trade policies are aligned with broader development objectives.