Cabinet of José Batlle y Ordoñez, 1903 URUGUAY

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Laura Giugno
  • Callum Welsh
Email Committee Chair

In Uruguay, 1903, it’s a brave new world. After nearly one hundred years of revolutions, bloody civil wars, and bitter political division, José Batlle y Ordoñez has been freely elected president, and he has committed himself to the strengthening of democratic institutions and the creation of a lasting peace. Now that everyone has put their guns down and come to the table, Uruguay is bursting with potential. As a member of the cabinet of Batlle y Ordoñez, it is your job to help the president shape the new face of the nation. From reconciling old political differences and preserving free and fair elections to tackling issues of foreign policy, the environment, and economic imperialism, cabinet members will have the chance to lead a country sitting on the knife’s edge between a troubled past and a promising, prosperous future.