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TOPIC A Democratic Republic of the Congo



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For years, the international community has watched as the Democratic Republic of the Congo has suffered one disaster after another and fallen into seemingly permanent turmoil. Despite grave circumstances, the people of the DRC and the issues facing them have never been given the same global attention as conflicts in other areas of the world. Since 1999 the United Nations has been involved in the region through the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), but after twenty years and 8.74 billion dollars spent, it is time to accept the startling revelation that this is not enough. It is estimated that 4.5 million people in the DRC have been displaced by conflict and 13.1 million are desperate for aid. These numbers will only increase without new action. Each passing day, the situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo reaches increasingly dire straits, which casts an uncertain future for those who will inherit the country. The resurgence of violence in 2015 throughout the eastern region of the country pitted the government against several rebel groups vying for control of the mineral rich area. This violence was stimulated by turmoil in the government after the previous president refused to leave office or hold elections. International eyes questioned the very idea of democracy in this country after such electoral abuse. From a health standpoint the DRC is in the midst of the largest Ebola outbreak in years, a hotspot for malaria, and a disproportionate amount of women and children experience malnutrition. There is no shortage of issues that delegates will need to grapple with, and the full power of the United Nations Security Council will need to be harnessed to provide aid and assistance to a hurting nation. How will the action taken the region address the immediate results of the crisis? What should be done to bring long term stability to the region? What can be done to help the citizens of the nation while respecting the autonomy of the government? Delegates should come prepared to answer these questions and more as the committee attempts to bring aid to a region that hasn’t seen true peace in a decade. This committee will be run as a hybrid committee, in which delegates will be able to utilize both crisis and GA elements in the form of crisis notes, directives, and resolutions, to combat the turmoil that plagues the DRC at this time.


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