United Nations Security Council: Tunisia, 2011 UNSC

GROUP: Hybrid

  • Topic A: Tunisia, 2011

TOPIC A Tunisia, 2011



  • Khristian Bass (he/him)
  • Kelly Liu (she/her)
  • Rhea Kanuparthi (she/her)
Email Committee Chair

It is December 2010, and Tunisia stands at a boiling point. Across the country, protests ignite as Tunisians rage against the Ben Ali government’s rampant corruption. At the cusp of violence, Tunisia’s future will be decided by the coming month. In response to the protestors, Ben Ali has mobilized his police forces. It is only a matter of time before the protests and police meet head to head. With such staunch and passionate opposition to President Ben Ali—who has been in power since overthrowing the previous regime in 1987—the world (especially the rest of the Middle East) is watching with rapt attention.

This committee starts at the onset of what will be known as the Jasmine Revolution. As the United Nations Security Council, this committee has been tasked with overseeing the wide-ranging effects of what could be the beginning of a revolution. Such effects are already spilling over to other nations as the region erupts with dissatisfaction and anger at corrupt, authoritarian leaders. As a delegate in the UNSC, your main goal will be balancing oversight of the tumultuous nation and protecting civilian lives with protecting Tunisia’s national sovereignty. At the same time, delegates will have to continuously ask themselves how they can best oversee the development of a changed nation, or changed nations, as the protest movements gain traction. These crucial decisions of how to navigate peace, progress, and protection will be yours to make throughout the UNSC at MUNUC 37.

The first three sessions of this committee will be crisis sessions. After these crisis sessions, the dais will consider the events of the crisis and then decide on two possible topics for the next two sessions to debate. At the start of the first GA session, delegates will vote on which topic they would like to spend the final two sessions on.