[MUNUC 35] The Trucial States Council, 1952 TRUCIAL

GROUP: Hybrid


  • Miller Dunbar (She/Her/Hers)
  • Vikrant Magadi (He/Him/His)
Email Committee Chair

British imperialism in the Middle East dates back as far as 1798, when the crown began enacting policy to protect its position in the eastern Mediterranean sea, and thereby critical trade routes to India. After the construction of the Suez Canal in 1859, the Arabian Peninsula became an area of great importance for Britain.

The Trucial States were a collection of seven sheikhdoms on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf: Abu Dhabi; Ajman; Dubai; Ras al-Khaima; Sharjah; Fujairah; and Umm al-Quwain. These sheikhdoms were British protectorates and navigated a variety of issues domestically and abroad. The first half of the 20th century consisted of logistical struggles with Britain and India (under British control), occasionally leading to unnecessary food shortages and port occupation. Oil was discovered in the Trucial States in 1931; however, it had been determined by a contract signed by the sheikhs in 1922 that the states could not make any oil concessions to any company without the British government’s consent. Aside from struggles with British rule, each sheikhdom had to effectively govern and provide for its people. In 1952, the Trucial States Council was assembled to encourage cooperation between the Sheikhdoms, and this is where committee will begin.

This committee will begin with three sessions of continuous crisis. Delegations (consisting of two people!) will represent departments from each sheikhdom, i.e., Ministry of Finance of Dubai, Ministry of Infrastructure of Abu Dhabi. Committee will be faced with crisis breaks dealing with the myriad of issues in the Trucial States: trade, internal cooperation, relations with the British Government, and more. During this time, delegates will be able to gauge relations with the other sheikhdoms and contemplate the best path forward for cooperation in the Trucial States. After the third session, the committee will transition into a General Assembly format in order to produce a longer resolution that lays out the future of the Trucial States. Will they become the United Arab Emirates or a similar political alliance? Will they have a formal economic partnership, but no political connection? The choice is in your hands.