Creation of Singapore, 1963 SINGAPORE

GROUP: Hybrid

  • Topic A: Urban Housing & Transportation
  • Topic B: Economic Development and Globalization/Singapore's Cultural Identity

TOPIC A Urban Housing & Transportation

TOPIC B Economic Development and Globalization/Singapore's Cultural Identity


  • Jiayi Yue
  • Arthi Macherla
Email Committee Chair

Following the unanimous decision from the Malyasian parliament to separate from Singapore with little notice, the nation had to rebuild from the ground up. Singapore had to deal with the fallout post war in addition to creating a viable nation for the inhabitants with little to no support from other nations. The purpose of the Economic Development Board, the CPF (Central Provident Fund), the Housing Development Board, and the various other nation-building boards that will be represented within this committee was to allow for Singapore to enter the global stage as a strong independent country.

This committee will utilize hybrid mechanics, beginning with crisis sessions to explore topic areas and ending with GA style debate to formalize solutions to the issues explored in crisis. Crisis experience or hybrid experience is not required but an understanding of both crisis and GA would be useful in committee.

Area A: Urban Housing and Transportation Infrastructure
As the nation of Singapore navigates the transition into a new state, it is vital to establish strong urban housing and transportation infrastructure. The separation from Malaysia led to an increase in crime, poverty, unemployment, and poor sanitation. Without immediately establishing a strong infrastructure to tackle these issues, the nation of Singapore will fail before it has had the chance to succeed. Delegates in committee will address these problems in innovative and diverse ways, allowing for tangible yet effective solutions to help mitigate the current crises the Singaporean people are facing.

Area B: Economic Development and Globalization
One of the greatest challenges Singapore faced in its earliest years was economic development and international economic policy. One of the most notable accomplishments of Singapore’s Economic Development Board was the establishment of ASEAN. This strategic move in conjunction with various other policies and emphasizing GDP growth allowed Singapore to prosper as a new nation. Delegates will present new policies and ideas centered around competing views on globalization.

Area C: Cultural Unity in A New Nation
Given the strained relations between the various cultures within Singapore, establishing a cultural identity and finding a way to instill cultural unity in the newly established nation is necessary to move forward as a fruitful and successful nation. Delegates are encouraged to address the various hurdles needed to overcome the issues of minority representation and inclusion both within the structure of the government and across the nation.