International Olympic Committee OLYMPICS

GROUP: Specialized Agencies

  • Topic A: Proposing host country criteria
  • Topic B: Combatting doping

TOPIC A Proposing host country criteria

TOPIC B Combatting doping


  • Anna Katz
  • Pierce Pramuka
Email Committee Chair

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the governing body of the Olympic Games, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IOC aims to promote the Olympic Mission worldwide. It does this by overseeing the organization of the Games and the designation of host countries, as well as by ensuring fair play and integrity amongst athletes and Olympic officials. MUNUC 34 will simulate the IOC Session, or annual meeting of IOC members. Delegates will be tasked with addressing two topics. The first is proposing a new set of criteria that potential host nations must meet in order to be eligible to be granted the honor of hosting the Olympic Games. These proposed criteria will touch on economic, environmental, and humanitarian qualifications. The second topic will be how to best combat doping amongst Olympic athletes and determining appropriate sanctions if doping occurs. Delegates can look forward to the exciting and high-stakes environment of the IOC and will be directly involved in the promotion of key Olympic values such as honor, sportsmanship, and diplomacy.