[MUNUC 36] The Golden Age of Florence: Cabinet of Lorenzo de Medici, 1470 Copy MEDICI

GROUP: Continuous Crisis



  • Julia Ferreira (she/her)
  • Esther Kassel (she/her)
  • Andrew Bailey (he/him)
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Originally consolidated under Cosimo de Medici in 1434, the House of Medici is an established political entity and banking family in the Republic of Florence, a vital political, economic, and cultural force of Europe. Particularly notable, in the mid-15th century, the government of Florence was composed of the nine council members, or the signoria, and the head of the council, the gonfalonier. Despite the electoral lotteries for the offices, Florence’s most influential families, especially the Medicis, currently have a true iron grip on the Republic’s government.

Renaissance, humanism, and… family rivalries? Join Lorenzo de Medici as he begins his de facto reign of the Florentine Republic in 1470. With his friends, family, and advisors, Lorenzo must juggle his patronage of Florence’s arts and culture, the draining Medici Bank, Papal elections, and, most importantly, his family’s indirect rule over the Republic. Internationally, peace within the Italic League must be maintained and the safety of Italy secured from European powers such as the Holy Roman Empire and France. At the same time, rival families in Florence and foreign powers seek to destroy the Medici Family and decay their influence at any cost. Will the Medicis’ power persevere or perish by the hand of Lorenzo the Magnificent? Only time, and the strategically placed city council puppets, will tell. Welcome to the Cabinet of Lorenzo de Medici: the Golden Age of Florence.