[MUNUC 35] Friends and Advisors of Empress Matilda MATILDA

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Emma Janssen (She/They)
  • Esther Kassel (She/Her/Hers)
Email Committee Chair

After his son William died, King Henry I of England declared his daughter Matilda to be his rightful heir to the throne. But, while Matilda was living in Normandy, King Henry I died and allegedly left the throne to her cousin, Stephen of Blois. Her plan now? To take the kingdom of England by force. With the unwavering aid of her supporters and the guidance of her board of advisors, Matilda hopes to take back the throne that was rightfully hers. As Matilda faces unpopularity among nobles and peasants alike, a seemingly endless agricultural crisis, multitudes of revolts of Normans, and the pressure of becoming the first female monarch of England, it is up to her board of advisors to help her succeed during The Anarchy.