[MUNUC 35] Cabinet of Manmohan Singh INDIA

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Devang Laddha (He/Him/His)
  • Ritwik Bose (He/Him/His)
Email Committee Chair

Compromise is hard. Running a coalition government even more so. The Cabinet of Manmohan Singh is beset this challenge in 2009, having to deal with a variety of national and international crises during their five years in office. While the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has received an increased mandate in the recent election, trouble looms near with the government having to navigate a worldwide recession and tenuous relations within the alliance. The last five years have been good for the UPA and India with sustained economic growth, and the alliance surviving several internal threats. Delegates must build on this resilience as they contend with even larger economic, political, and social challenges that come with running such a diverse and large country. They must forge the future of India as they advocate for their constituents, parties, and interests.