The Court of the Nizams: Hyderabad, 1947 HYDERABAD

GROUP: Hybrid



  • Jack Foley (he/him)
  • Annika Naramreddy (she/her)
  • Arzoo Usgaonkar (she/her)
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Welcome to the Court of the Nizams.

August 1947 brought great change in South Asia. At this time, British Colonial Rule ended after more than 200 years of control, and the subcontinent was separated into two distinct parts, India and East and West Pakistan. It was a time of great turmoil, with millions displaced, religious tensions at an all time high, and uncertainty of every form—financial, social, political, and even cultural. Amidst all this, Hyderabad, a princely state, was in a particularly unique position. Located in the modern day state of Telangana in South India, this region had never been directly controlled by colonial forces, only allied. Rather, it was ruled by the Nizami monarchy and has enjoyed a large history of autonomy and independence from other regions on the subcontinent. Hence, upon partition, Hyderabad was given a crucial choice: join India, be a part of Pakistan, or create an independent state.

Our committee will be situated in September of 1947 and will mimic the Royal Court of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Delegates will play the role of royal family members, trying to decide the fate of this princely state. They will experience a mix of crisis and traditional elements: first building resources and attempting to angle the committee in their favor, and then collaborating to create a treaty/constitution, depending on the direction the committee takes. There are many questions to consider—how does Hyderabad rid itself of its colonial past, how does it define its identity, and the biggest question of all: do they form their own state or join the other states on the subcontinent? It is up to delegates whether Hyderabad will become a new nation, accede to India, or join Pakistan. Whatever might happen, we can promise you riveting debate, tough concessions, and crises that keep you on the very edge of your seat.

We hope that you all will join us and immerse yourself in the idyllic landscape of the Deccan plateau and royal Hyderabad, the City of Pearls.