[MUNUC 35] Commission for Social Development CSD


  • Topic A: Rights of Prisoners
  • Topic B: Reintegration of Soldiers

TOPIC A Rights of Prisoners

TOPIC B Reintegration of Soldiers


  • Laura Giugno (She/Her/Hers)
  • Olivia Degen (She/Her/Hers)
Email Committee Chair

The Commission for Social Development is an exploration of how we handle the rights of vulnerable members in society— specifically prisoners and veterans, both of whom are frequently forgotten by both citizens and policy-makers alike. More specifically, in Topic A, we will take a look at the protections that are offered to prisoners and where the law falls short in guarding against abuses. In Topic B, we will explore the pathways that exist for the reintegration of soldiers, and how society is able to assist with the trauma of war.

Topic A: Rights of Prisoners
Our first topic will be taking a deep dive into how prisoner’s rights are protected internationally. With many prisoners forgotten in society, denied the vote, and a compelling means to advocate for themselves, they are often overlooked in discussions of human rights protections. We will be exploring salient ways to protect prisoners, both when incarcerated, and released. We will also take a look at how to maintain protections of former felons and ensure that they maintain access to social mobility.

Topic B: Reintegration of Soldiers
Our second topic will be looking at the reintegration of soldiers into society. Specifically, we will look at how to ensure that soldiers are given the resources that they need to transition back to life as a civilian. Like the first topic, we will be taking an international perspective, comparing how various countries ensure that soldiers have access to the resources to get over the difficulties of war and flourish in society. This topic hinges on discussions of mental health, resources to address trauma, and aid vulnerable members of society.