Cabinet of Chile, 1970 CHILE




  • Marie Harwell
  • Julia Karon
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Felicitaciones, delegares! I, Salvador Allende have just been elected the first Marxist president of Chile and I know that with my dedication to the elevation of the working class- and your hard work- great things are in store for our country. We must take a stand to defend our nation from the capitalists that seek to overthrow our hold on the government. We must unite with our fellow Latin American countries and socialist regimes around the world. And above all we must prove that socialism can thrive in the great nation of Chile and in the South American continent.

Of course, as our new regime flourishes we will have to ask ourselves many things. Will we turn to the Americas or will we lean on the USSR for aid? Can we reverse decades of inflation and economic policies that have crippled the lower classes? How are we to unite all of Chile under our Marxist agenda? Will Chile rise and be the beacon of socialism in the Americas or will we fall before we are given the chance to liberate those who have been oppressed? The future of Chile and of the working class lies in our hands. We must not falter in our resolve to create a better Chile, one that serves all of its people. Let us hope that this bright future comes to fruition. Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the working class!


Committee Members

  •  Pedro Vuskovic- Minister of Economic Affairs
  •  Americo Zorrilla Rojas- Minister of Finance
  •  Alejandro Rios Valdivia- Minister of National Defense
  •  Orlando Cantuarias- Minister of Mining
  •  Carlos Humberto Cortes Diaz- Minister of Housing and Urban Planning
  •  Jacques Chonchol- Minister of Agriculture
  •  Jose Toha Gonzalez- Minister of the Interior
  •  Mario Astorga Gutierrez- Minister of Education
  •  Hernan Cubillos - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  •  Ismael Huerta Díaz -- Minister of Public Works
  •  Jane A. Hobson-Gonzalez -- American Advisor on Education
  •  Leo Corvalan -- General Secretary of Communist Party
  •  Carlos Prats Gonzalez -- Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army
  •  General Roberto Viaux
  •  Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Souper
  •  President of Supreme Court -- Ramiro Méndez Brañas
  •  Minister of Health: Anthony Tafalla
  •  Minister of Policy Coordination: Jairo Barrios
  •  Minister of Justice: Juanita Martinez
  •  Minister of Public Works: Andres Ciceron
  •  Minister of Environment: Emanuel Tasis
  •  President of Central Bank: Luciana Pousa
  •  Representative to the UN: Santiago Madrid
  •  Head of Roman Catholic Church: Julia Carito
  •  Ambassador to the United States: Humberto Briagio
  •  Ambassador to the USSR: Rodulfo Gonzago Jara
  •  Minister of Communications: Benjamin Vargas
  •  Minister of Culture: Cristobal Reyes Silva
  •  Minister of Science and Technology: Javier Soto Perez
  •  Head of the Chamber of Deputies: Luis Rojas