[MUNUC 35] The Carbonari CARBONARI

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Jiayi Yue (She/Her/Hers)
  • Kevin Yao (He/Him/His)
Email Committee Chair

As Napoleon sailed on to St. Helena, he left a world rocked by the French Revolution. Everywhere in Europe and beyond, enlightenment and revolutionary ideas of equality, justice and freedom have spread. While the Monarchs of Europe gathered in an attempt to reestablish conservative order, others similarly met and plotted, not in the halls of power in Vienna but in the lodges of divided Italy. They are the Carbonari, the Italian secret revolutionary societies. Attracting members from every walk of life and of every ideology or disposition, the Carbonari are a mix of revolutionaries old and new. As the society plans for the unification of Italy and revolutions abroad, what path will they take? Will they relight the flames of the French Revolution, or will new ideas sway them onwards towards new paths? Or will all such things be rendered moot, and the Carbonari find themselves crushed beneath the rising power of conservative Europe? Only time will tell…