Foreign Policy Team of George H.W. Bush, 1989 BUSH

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Dimitriy Leksanov
  • Alexander Rodriguez
Email Committee Chair

The year is 1989, and George H. W. Bush has just assumed the presidency of the United States on the heels of a watershed eight years as Ronald Reagan’s Vice-President. His CV also includes director of the CIA, envoy to China, and ambassador to the UN, but his cautious impulse for gradual change may come to be at odds with one of the most dynamic and transformative moments of the modern era. To help lead America through the turmoil, Bush has appointed a powerful team of experts across the myriad of agencies and departments of the government to take the country forward. The United States must work with allies new and old to confront a new breed of challenge. Together, the foreign policy wing of Bush’s administration will redefine America’s role in the world and forge the rules of the emergent era.