[MUNUC 34] Senate and Advisors of West Berlin, 1949 BERLIN

GROUP: Continuous Crisis


  • Olivia Cohen
  • Daniel Seplow
Email Committee Chair

West Berlin sits in a precarious geopolitical position. It is in a legal grey area, simultaneously a part of West Germany, an independent city-state, and an occupied area by the allied powers. The government of West Berlin will have to navigate these delicate nuances to avoid attracting Stalin’s ire and turning the Cold War hot. Unfortunately the hardships faced by the West Berlin government are not limited to international relations. The city will have to literally build itself up from rubble. Much of the infrastructure was bombed out during the war and the few pieces left, like the sewage system and electrical grid, will have to be decoupled from the Eastern portions of the city. The government of West Berlin has the unenviable task of rebuilding a city while surrounded on all sides by hostile forces.