[MUNUC 36] From Belgium with Love: La Dame Blanche, 1918 BELGIUM

GROUP: Continuous Crisis



  • Ishita Pillai (she/her)
  • Antoni Wellisz (he/him)
  • Rishi Chebrolu (he/him)
Email Committee Chair

The year is 1918. The Western Front of the first World War has been stalemated for three long years, with both sides sustaining heavy casualties but neither making any significant territorial gain. Germany has just launched the Spring Offensive in a final attempt to achieve a quick victory before American troops can arrive and tip the balance of the war in favor of the Allies. You are a member of La Dame Blanche, a spy network based in German-occupied Belgium with more than a thousand agents operating throughout Belgium, Northern France, and Luxembourg—an essential element of the allied intelligence apparatus and estimated to have provided as much as 70% of all military intelligence collected by the Allies. 

As a delegate, your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to further the goals of La Dame Blanche by aiding in the Allied efforts of gathering intel and thwarting the German Spring Offensive. As the German offensive on the Western Front continues, it will be the responsibility of this committee to do whatever it takes to disrupt Germany’s plans through reconnaissance, sabotage, collaborating with Allied leaders, and more. Intercepting German communications, breaking codes, and carrying out reconnaissance are crucial tactics for anticipating Germany’s next move. Delegates will engage in front-room diplomacy to further the objectives of La Dame Blanche and will further their own goals and agendas through their mission critical arcs in the backroom. Committee will be supplemented by crisis breaks that will reveal key pieces of intelligence regarding the progression of the war and possible espionage as a result of careful arc-building. Delegates, we encourage you to maneuver this environment delicately while finding ways to work together and solve crises collaboratively.