Alaska Constitutional Convention, 1955 ALASKA

GROUP: Regional Bodies


  • Amanda Eckels
  • Burke Croft
Email Committee Chair

Nearly a century after the United States bought the land of ice and snow from Russia and two centuries after those Russians first made contact with Native Alaskans, the last frontier has finally become a state in the year of our lord 1955. Now Alaska, a state unlike any other, given its unique landscape, wildscape, and people, gets to decide its own future. But Alaska has a lot on its plate: resource developers offer economic opportunities while wreaking environmental and cultural havoc, indigenous communities fight for representation and an end to discrimination, and distant, diverse communities struggle to band together, all while the Soviet Union sits 55 miles offshore.

As a delegate at the Alaska Constitutional Convention, you will first draft a constitution using a traditional structure, then will oversee the first few years of running a state government in a crisis structure and see the document in action. By the end of the weekend, you will return to the convention table to edit and improve upon the constitution based on the lessons learned throughout the crisis sessions.