[MUNUC 34] Asia Cooperation Dialogue ACD

GROUP: Specialized Agencies

  • Topic A: Migrant Workers
  • Topic B: Infrastructure

TOPIC A Migrant Workers

TOPIC B Infrastructure


  • Aaron Wineberg
Email Committee Chair

The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is a forum of nations organized to promote mutual cooperation and development in Asia. Founded in 2002, it is the first regional body to encompass the entire Asian continent. The ACD is a conglomeration of several regional groups including the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the Eurasian Economic Union, among others. With a particular focus on economic development, trade and poverty are issues often considered by the delegations.

This is a Specialized Agency committee in Double Delegation format. The committee will not utilize any special mechanics but the final resolution will be a trade agreement with all delegations in consensus. No prior background on trade agreements or economics is expected or important from delegates.

Topic A:
Millions of Migrant Workers travel domestically and abroad within Asia to contribute to the rapidly developing global economy. Ranging from massive construction projects to domestic households, labor shortages have contributed to a new ecosystem of transient workers. Often these laborers are subjected to exploitation, abuse, and discrimiantion.

Delegates will be tasked with creating multilateral solutions that respect the human rights of workers and reconcile the conflicting developmental interests of states.

Topic B:
Enjoying a boom in population and investment, several states in Asia have rapidly developed infrastructure. Countries that in the decade prior had minimal access to neighbors as a consequence of their geography now are open to the word. But where major investments are placed is a source of considerable dispute. Regions and states that are able to construct modern seaports, roads, and airports are at a competitive advantage in the global market. This is while other states that are geographically or economically unable to easily participate are left behind in poverty.

The delegations will debate solutions to this disparity by producing multilateral solutions that aim to bring conciliation to poverty and wealth disparities.