In the Shadow of Britain: The Government of Prime Minister Clement Attlee 1945-1951 BCSC


  • Topic A: Rise of the British Social State
  • Topic B: Europe After War

TOPIC A Rise of the British Social State

TOPIC B Europe After War



  • Rebecca Cunningham
  • Aaron Stockel
Email Committee Chair

It is 1945. The war is over, but Britain, Europe, and the world has been ripped apart.  In that tumult a new government has emerged, with Prime Minister Clement Attlee at its helm.  Rather than just a convention of the traditional cabinet, those chosen by Prime Minister Attlee’s are balanced by Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition, the Conservative Shadow Cabinet.

The Shadow Cabinet consists of a group opposition members who are appointed to mirror the positions of the existing cabinet, in order to hold the cabinet accountable to strong policy and provide alternative programs of action.

The cabinet must come together despite internal strife, to rebuild Britain and Europe and usher in a better age for Britain.

As Attlee’s cabinet, delegates will choose to face Topic A, Rise of the British Social State, or B, or Europe After War. They can discuss how to rebuild Britain and usher in a new social state to prevent citizens from falling through the cracks. Additionally delegates can address how to establish a lasting peace in the craters of World War II in Europe. They must navigate the rise of new world powers, division of land, and establishment of the national health services.