Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General AD HOC




  • Angela Calabria
  • Jonas Ciplickas
Email Committee Chair

We are excited to announce the inaugural Ad Hoc Committee for MUNUC 32! We are Angela Calabria (Chair) and Jonas Ciplickas (Crisis Director), two rising fourth years in the College with extensive experience in MUNUC and competitive collegiate Model UN, respectively. Because this is MUNUC’s first time offering an Ad Hoc committee, broad details regarding structure and expectations for the committee are outlined below.

The Ad Hoc will run as a Continuous Crisis Committee, and represents an entirely new, challenging, and pedagogical experience for the delegates. The committee topic will remain a secret until the week of conference (exact date TBD – it could be the Monday before, the Tuesday before, or the day of! That’s part of the surprise), giving delegates the chance to really flex their creativity and quick-thinking as they go into committee with relatively little topic research ahead of time. In the weeks leading up to conference, we’ll release hints in the form of short puzzles, cryptic images, strange poems, and more in order to slowly lead delegates towards the topic.

When prepping for committee, we encourage delegates to focus on Continuous Crisis skills as opposed to topic research. Parliamentary procedure and other mechanics (notes, directives, moderated caucuses, unmoderated caucuses, etc.) will remain the same, so the raw skills that help delegates succeed in other committees are just as important in this committee, if not more so. So, in preparation for the Ad Hoc, we recommend that delegates focus on honing their individual skills – speaking, note writing, directive writing, etc. – instead of prepping specific plans or ideas for the committee.topic before receiving the background guide.

Unlike other MUNUC committees, delegates must apply for a spot in the Ad Hoc. Applications for Ad-Hoc is due October 17th ( We encourage delegates with previous MUNUC and Continuous Crisis experience to apply!

Please reach out to with questions regarding this committee, and again, we are thrilled to be offering such a dynamic and new experience for delegates at MUNUC 32!