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Cabinet of Iran, 1951 SHAH

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  • Isaac Kamber
Email Committee Chair

The year is 1951 and Iran is a country in transition. A new political force, the National Front, has formed a government, and they are fighting back against the crushing influence of foreign powers. For too long, the Iranian people have been deprived of the natural riches of their country. The United Kingdom and the United States have a near-total monopoly on Iranian oil and gas, and Iranians are angry. Their own government, under the absolute authority of Muhammad Reza Shah, needs to act, and it needs to act quickly. This committee will be forced to navigate the fragile international landscape of the early Cold War, a domestic government in turmoil, and countless additional issues. One way or another, Iran is finished with concessions. Will it successfully take its future into its own hand, or will it fall victim to the dangerous games of the Great Powers?