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General Motors Board of Directors, 1950 GM

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  • Vikrant Magadi
  • Christian Metivier
Email Committee Chair

Speed. Faster than fast. Quicker than quick. GM’s growth in the 1950’s was lightning. During the economic expansion that followed World War II, Americans flocked to the suburbs to claim their own piece of the American dream: a house, a TV, and a General Motors automobile. This boom propelled GM to the top of the Fortune 500, making them not just an automotive powerhouse, but also a cultural institution.

But staying on top of the corporate world was no easy task, for the 1950’s were as tumultuous as they were prosperous. With threats of communism, the birth of the Beatniks, and the rise of labor unions, American society went through rapid, and often uncomfortable, changes in the post-war era. As the GM Board of Directors, delegates will represent some of the biggest power players in American politics and industry, charged with leading America’s largest company through this tumultuous decade. Doing so will involve more than simply selling cars – delegates will be tasked with striking labor deals, influencing the media, and even lobbying politicians in order to help GM adapt to the changing times. Will GM outrace its rivals, or will it come to a screeching halt? Only you can decide.