World Bank WBG


  • Topic A: Post-conflict Reconstruction in Syria
  • Topic B: Democracy and the World Bank

TOPIC A Post-conflict Reconstruction in Syria

TOPIC B Democracy and the World Bank



  • Rafael Levy Diner
  • Alex Warmath
Email Committee Chair

The World Bank Group (WBG) is a UN Specialized Agency comprised of five separate institutions with common goals: ending world poverty and promoting shared prosperity. Through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank provides multifaceted assistance to developing countries, aiding in
infrastructure construction, human development, governance, and more.

Topic A, Post-conflict Reconstruction in Syria, calls for an evaluation of the possible role of the World Bank as Syria transitions out of civil war. Following standard procedure during conflict, the Bank’s operations in Syria were suspended in 2011. The recent declaration of victory against ISIS and calls for withdrawal of Western troops set up Syria for a return to stability. What will the World Bank’s role in this transition be? Will the Bank’s new leadership steer the bank back into Syria, and, if so, what actions will they take? The committee will address a dynamic situation by debating and simulating the implementation of policies that serve the people of Syria.

Topic B, Democracy and the World Bank, address the institution’s ideals in the context of human rights and governmental representation. In an era when authoritarianism and economic growth prove increasingly independent, the Bank must evaluate its continuing involvement in countries where its shareholders’ values are absent. The World Bank lends to developing countries, including those with poor human rights records. It has historically avoided politicizing its involvement in problematic situations, but this is not a universal operating policy. In the 21st century, should the bank take a more active role in pressuring developing countries on issues like human rights and democracy? In this committee, delegates will evaluate the history of the World Bank and develop policies that will serve the bank as it navigates the future.


Committee Members

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