United Nations Development Program UNDP


  • Topic A: Establishment of Improved Road Infrastructure
  • Topic B: Providing Equal Education for Low-Income Students

TOPIC A Establishment of Improved Road Infrastructure

TOPIC B Providing Equal Education for Low-Income Students



  • Joshua Kim
Email Committee Chair

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) consists of over 170 countries working to prevent and decrease global issues of poverty, inequality, and exclusion. It is responsible for assisting in the development of policies and institutional capabilities in order to sustain development results, with the end goal of advancing the global sustainable development agenda.

Topic A, Establishment of Improved Road Infrastructure, focuses on the creation of better paved roads, both in rural areas as well as developing nations. Poorly managed roads lead to numerous issues ⁠— ranging from roadway accidents to an inability to travel to locations such as hospitals or offices. It is a major issue to the connectivity of cities and hinders human activities combining the social, economic, and environmental systems with urbanization and population growth. This committee will discuss solutions to improving road infrastructure on a global scale, so that it assists with connecting people and cities with one another.

Topic B, Providing Equal Education for Low-Income Students, addresses the issue that not all students are treated with the same amount of equity in the classroom, as well as the widening gap between upper class education and lower class education. This lack of equal education results in severe learning disadvantages ⁠— students suffer from a lack of resources at home which hinders their overall learning capabilities. Additionally, these unequal educational environments affect the student in the future ⁠— poor educational standards result in both unmet needs and untapped talents among these students. Furthermore, lower educational achievement negatively impacts one’s economic prospects in the future, restarting the cycle of unequal education for low-income students. This committee will work on solving this issue, confronting the inequality in the educational system and how to ensure that all students,
regardless of income, have equal opportunities.